About us 

Viridi and Portion Cubed is dedicated in bringing the highest quality IQF frozen chips, pellets, cubes and pucks to our valued customers.  From our line of retail and foodservice frozen cubes to our custom blends for industrial customers we work closely with our customers to achieve unsurpassed service.

Our proprietary cube/chips.pucks freezing system assures that we offer timely and efficient development time and deliveries. Our packaging capabilities include smoothie cups, bowls, flexible pouches including stand-up and 4 corner quad sealing on high speed blending lines.  Let us work with you in developing a custom frozen chip/puck/pellet or cube for you made to your specifications or choose from a variety of smoothies, fruit & vegetable purees and savory sauce all formed in convenient frozen chips.

Carabetta Family

I.Q.F. frozen chips, pellets, pucks, cubes, smoothies, blenderless, blender-less, smoothies, bowls, acai, 


2127 Hammond Drive

Schaumburg,  IL  60173


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